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Starbrite LED Dance Floor
Starbrite with white surround
Starbrite as a runner
Starbrite with tent

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Starbrite White LED Dance Floor (Indoor Use Only)


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Our new White LED Starbrite dance floor transforms any occasion with it’s beautiful twinkling effects and sleek, low-profile appearance. Made up of 4’ x 2’ and 2’ x 2’ panels, they house ultra-bright LED’s on four circuits (32 per 4’ panel), spaced to give a fantastic random twinkling ‘star-lit’ effect.  The floor is only an incredible 28mm thick!

The main transformer feeds low voltage power through a single cable into the custom edge receiver guaranteeing maximum protection and isolating the panels from the mains electricity. The floor is controlled via a RF remote using Zigby technology; sending and receiving the signal from every panel. This ensures all of the panels operate simultaneously from a distance of up to 30 meters. This wireless operation means there is no time-consuming loom to install saving precious minutes when laying the floor.

The dance floor surface is made from very hard-wearing, 6mm cast acrylic. This is solid-colour throughout and endures the abuses of its purpose very well.

The LEDs are virtually unbreakable and last for 10,000 hours. The 6 1/2mm thick cast acrylic is virtually maintenance free and lasts longer than vinyl surfaces, making it ideal for exhibition and display use as well as being a classic dance floor.

Our Starbrite White Dance Floor is made with an exterior plywood base. The floor is mounted on aluminium battens, which give a ‘sprung’ effect and lock the floor panels securely together. They CANNOT split apart in use. The ramped aluminium edging is wheelchair friendly.

Our lit dance floor’s innovative design using a brickwork laying pattern guarantees your floor is easily laid without the need for any screws or tools. Standing one inch high on aluminium battens ensuring every joint is supported and leaving no weak corners.

Indoor Use Only